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Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on garden, chickens and the coop.

Things are changing quickly here! The garden is growing like crazy, the chicks are mini-chickens and the coop is complete!!! Well, minus the painting but complete enough to hold some chickens. Here are some pics to prove it!

Onions that didn't get to finish growing thanks to some unnamed children.

Green beans. I love how they twist and climb. I love how they taste too!

We didn't get to do our drip system this year so we are trying a more, elementary approach. I'll let you know if it works. (the milk jugs are a primitive drip system that also allows us to feed and water at the same time!)
Squash and lots of it!

Eggplant. Can't wait to grill it!

Day lilies. Not food but too pretty to resist.

This is the coop!!!

This is a chicken that we stuffed into the coop.

These are the chickens that refuse to go into the coop.
I really love it and am so proud to have it. My husband is THE BEST!!

My son decided to spontaneously give up all of his teeth.

This one decided to make the sweetest eyes at his daddy.

I love my life! Thank you Adonai for blessings.


Rachel said...

Would love to hear how your drip system turns out! And the coop looks great-very professional-painted or not!

mamadrama said...

Matt really has a knack for those things! And I will let you know about the drip system. I am excited about it! I am going to put crushed eggshells in the jugs tomorrow so the tomatoes get some calcium with the water! we saved milk jugs all winter!

Emily Suzanne said...

I love all of this!!!!