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Monday, July 19, 2010

A little announcement...

No I am not pregnant. Geez! Can't a girl make an announcement without people jumping to baby conclusions? Anyhow, most of you know that we are not homeschooling this year. Now before everyone exchanges bet money, this may or may not be a permanent decision. We really still believe in homeschooling. We loved so many things about it. It just became apparent towards the end of the year that I was not thriving in the environment. And that means that our kiddos just weren't getting enough schooling (by my standards.) I was very worn out and wasn't motivated to teach anymore. We took a lot of "off" days.

Now, they did learn. Asher is a reader! Jolie made progress on her math. We did lots of neat stuff. I evaluated them based on our state standards and they both did great. I just had very high hopes for my role as teacher. I feel like I failed. It was a bad year for me to enter into this daunting journey. Schooling two kids, (one who had to learn to read) entertaining a 4-year-old, and caring for a baby made for some long days! I know it's possible. Lots of moms do it. I just decided to take a year off, let my baby grow a little and give my kids the desire of their hearts and let them go to school. (I give em a few weeks before they are begging for sleeping in and school in their jammies.)

So I am excited for the new year and have already bought school supplies! I love school supplies. I know that the public school schedule will wear on us all. I know we will miss being together. We will miss having freedom. We might even miss mom being the teacher. I am praying for a growing year. I am praying that God shows us, as a family, what He would have us do next year. We believe in having control over our babies learning and want to have as much time with these little guys as we can. So we will see what next year brings.


Chris MacMillan said...

First remove the 'failures' label from your post.

You have a very full platter already and if the kiddos have the desire to go to school all the better. God guides your steps as long as you are moving your feet, He can't guide what's not moving. It's a new season so stay God strong and rest up, God knows what He has ahead for you.

Mols said...

I think you are a good mom, Rachelle. Of course, you could be just like me, a perfect mom, but that will take you a few more years! HaHaHa! The kids are happy and healthy and that is the most important accomplishment of a mother...We'll pray for a good year to come and direction for the next. Love you!

jeana said...

Praying this year is full of blessings, rest, and direction for you guys. You are an awesome momma and listening to God and doing what is best for your family is all that matters!

mamadrama said...

You guys are the best! Thanks for the encouragement.

Molls, i could never beat my children, I mean, love my children like you! ;) Thank you for the prayers.