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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's my favorite. It just is.

Oh Fourth of July, you are my favorite day of the summer. I love the family, the parades, the food, the kids excitement, the colors and the fire! I love seeing the flag walking down the street and hearing the cheers of the people. One nation, under God. I love seeing the honor we give our vets and the sparkle in the eyes of my son as he shakes a soldier's hand. I see nostalgia and future all in one! Here are some pictures of our day.

Oh my girls! I love them. (My daughter Jolie and my niece Ava Grace)

My sister's babies with my kiddos.

We got our faces painted! (Well, the kids did. Heather and I just got a burrito and a giant pretzel.)

Matt and the kids got distracted by the dunk tank.

Then Asher had to try it. He actually got the guy once! You can see the determination on his face.

Liv baby. I just love your M&M eyes!

Classic. "When is the parade going to start?"

"When is the parade going to start?"

"When is the parade going to start Aunt Chelle?"

"I think I see it!"


The best seat in the house.

Our precious town square with Old Glory flying free.

God, you are the one who gives freedom. I pray that we never forget the sacrifices made in your name. We believe in your ultimate authority over our nation and pray that you would turn the hearts of your people to you.

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