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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Levi's Big 1st birthday and dedication

This has to be the starting picture because it's about the cutest thing I have ever seen. This was Levi's 1st birthday outfit. What a little man.

We had such a wonderful weekend full of food, family and fun. This was our plan B after our outdoor meal plans got rained out. (I think Matt might be telling a story.)

Here are a few of the cousins that were around for the festivities.

This was Levi's first glimpse of his cake.

I think it was a hit!

Levi decided he could share a little cake with the kids.

We have been fortunate that each of our boys have been dedicated to the Lord, in our church, on their first birthdays. We have been able to have a big party with a lot of the family. Levi's party and dedication were such a blessing to us. We felt very loved as we were surrounded by our wonderful family.

Our feeling of blessing continues by the love shown to us by our church family as well.

We praise God for this child and ask that all that was prayed over him today would remain. Is there a more glorious way to honor our Father than with an offering of our child's life to His service? We pray that He finds pleasure in this boy and that Levi will be a man after His own heart. Thank you Yeshua.

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