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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonderland day!

There is a day in our home that we look foward to every year. It is a day when parents and children come together in harmony. It is a day when brother and sister are as one. A day that the struggles we have faced just don't matter anymore. Cause we're going to WONDERLAND!

We always start with the Frog-Hopper. It is a classic and a great warm-up for the big rides. It will be a sad day when my kids' legs start draggin' the ground in the Frog-Hopper.

Next we always go for the Helicopters. You can't beat being able to control the flight path of your own ferocious war-machine!

And of course we love the cars. The round and round ride that lasts oh, about 20 minutes. But you can really feel the wind blowing through your hair on this one.

It's just too scary to watch!

Oh, nevermind. It's just peekaboo.

Somehow, the magic of the day turns my daughter into a gangster.

This is the entrance to the first water ride of the day. THE LOG RIDE! (Always my favorite as a child.)

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

There it is!

And it's good!!!!

I'll have more to share in a future blog.

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Mom said...

What a great day! Brings back alot of memories. Oh yeah, Rachelle...except the time we went when you were not with us and someone left the Wonderland cup in the back of the Suburban. Busted!! You were devastated. I think you were a senior in high school! Wonderland is great!!! Wish we could have been there.