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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The best invention ever!

So this weekend, I was pretty sure that the air conditioner had to be the best invention ever. Hey, it's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I grew much fonder (what?) of my little frosty friend when he was broken this weekend. However, now that I am sitting in my nice cool house again, I am reflecting on one day last week when my friend Chris called me about some apples. She invited me to join her in picking apples to my heart's content. So we picked and I ended up with a giant basket full of tiny apples.

This sounded like such a good idea before I realized I would have to peel, core and slice all of those little boogers. Luckily, Chris (and our friend Sue)came to the rescue with this lovely little machine.

And to this machine I are my knight in shining and sharp metal! Just look at the way you hold onto the apple.

And the genius way you peel the skin of the apple. You strip only the skin, not the flesh. I could never do such a good job on my own.

Then, as if it were butter, you begin to slice the apple.

See the delicate curl.

A beautiful coil of pie-ready fruit!

This is all that you leave behind. A useless core. (Useless to me, gold to my chickens!)

Apple-skinner-peeler-corer (there has to be a better name) I salute you. You made my life easier. And for that I thank you.

Many apple pie pictures to come!

(And if you think I might be a little obsessive about kitchen tools, you would be right!)

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