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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zad goes to school!

I have to give equal time to each school-child. My husband, the 3rd child, demands it! So here is Zaddok all dressed up and ready for his first day of Pre-K. He is shocking me with the speed at which his little life is going. I just gave birth to him yesterday, right? Oh man! My heart went to 1st grade, 3rd grade AND Pre-K today. I don't know how much longer I can take it!
For the grandparents...

He had to have cowboy boots today.

Awwww. My baby boy.

Don't leave me you little weirdies.

The steps to his future. (or at least his fairy-tale themed classroom.)

Putting away his things.

This is Zaddok and his buddy Copper peaking around the corner to their class. Do you have any idea what a fashion disaster it is to have another kid wear the same shirt as you to the first day of Pre-K? Who is his stylist?

Okay, I guess he's part of a class now. Just another kid. Excuse me while I get into the fetal position and suck my thumb. Bye Zad. See you in 3 hours. (I know I am ridiculous but it never gets easier to leave them.)


Sarah said...

MONIQUE!!! I love Monique. You will too. That is my best friend's momma and she is wonderful. You can tell her I said that. ;)

Sarah said...

So I realized that this is not facebook and my name is not handily supplied. This and the other comment is from Sarah Alexander. :)

mamadrama said...

Sarah I knew just who you were! Well I guessed it was you anyway. And yes we do LOVE Monique! I will tell her the nice things you said about her.
We (Angela, Amanda and Amy) has a mommy brunch this morning and the only thing that would have made it better would have been you and Miss Kate! We miss you guys!

Grandmolly said...

I remember you just gave birth to him yesterday!

Nana said...

Sorry about the duplicate shirt. In my eyes it looks as though he's the only one with that shirt on! I only saw HIM and would not have noticed if you had not pointed it out. Funny how Nana eyes only see OURS!

mamadrama said...

Awwwww, Nana and Grandmolly!