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Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden update and new goodies!

We have been busy here! The garden in in full harvest mode. Everything is ripening quickly and tasting so yummy! We have been eating a ton but saving some too. Here are the latest pics!

Purple bell peppers!

Lots of apples means lots of pies!

These carrots were so sweet.

Cucumbers ready to be pickled!

Cucumbers fulfilling their destiny.

Green Zebra Tomatoes are my favorite next to Cherokee Purple.

Ugly little eggplant.

More bell peppers.

Garden view!

Wild grape jelly that my SIL and I made with juice that my MIL juiced! It's a family affair.

Sweet corn from the farmer's market.


molly said...

yummm yuummmmm!!!

melanie big said...

Those are yummy! I can’t wait to harvest my cucumber and make it canned! Your carrots are really healthy and yummy too.

rose plated said...

Yummy yummy yummy! All of your produced are big and yummy in the pictures. I love your grape jelly. Can I have your recipe for that? I like to make some of my grapes here.

Crystal Figurine said...

Those bell peppers sure are smooth! Would love to use bell peppers like those for my recipes. Oh by the way, that is a lot of apples! other than pies, I have one way to munch all of those apples. I candy them! Some sugar and melt it on the apple...there you go! Apple candy!

mamadrama said...

Sounds delish Crystal!