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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Asher is 7!!!

It's my sweet Ashie-boy's birthday.  He wanted to make his cake so, I let him.  Of course it had cars and sprinkles.  Lots of both!
This was one present that he hadn't asked for but we wanted him to have.  New boots!  The reaction was mixed.  But I am happy to report that he did wear them to school.   
This however, was a very planned gift.  I think he started telling me about it in November.  LAST NOVEMBER!  He knew the colors he wanted.  He was very specific. 

This is the dance of delight that ended in a fainting spell on the couch.  He got the Laser Tag Monster Trucks that he had been eyeing for a year! 

The dudes, checking it out. 
And he's pleased.  He is just like his Aunter.  He's totally happy as long as he can pick exactally what he wants.  He doesn't even care about the surprise of it all.  But that grin is what I was looking for!

Ahhhh, Legos.  Nothing goes together better than boys and Legos.  (another b-day gift from his cousins)

Yep, there's nothing better.

Except maybe a crazy brother to round out the deal!

 Happy birthday my love!  You are a delight and a treasure.  We pray blessing over you on this 7th year. 

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Brandon and April said...

ahhhhh legos. You're right! Boys and legos go hand in hand. I can already tell that I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with them...having to dig them out of the vacuum one too many times!
Looks like he had a great birthday!!