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Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby boy

You know when your child calls you and you walk towards them not knowing what you are about to find? That happened to me yesterday. Instead of finding my sweet baby innocently hiding from me, I found this...

Notice the mess.

Mama!  I can't help it!

I was hungry!

How else am I supposed to get a snack?

These are our little boys with their Papa Joe.

They love Papa Joe!  (Yep, that's Zaddok's picture face.)

1 comment:

Brandon and April said...

You just can't be upset with such cutie patooties!! :)
And can I just say that it's comforting to me to see another baby surrounded by spilled cereal?! Here I was thinking my kids were the only ones sneaky enough to hide away and get into the pantry and cause all sorts of messes! Good to know I'm not the only mommy that deals with it. :)