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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mini apple pies and easy-delicious pie crust!

I have this great little recipe for pie crust.  Yes, I know that there are easy pre-made crusts in the store.  Yes, I know that they are delicious.  But have you ever looked at the ingredients?  Not so great.  This recipe is butter, flour, ice water and a pinch of salt.  4 things!  If you have a food processor, this could not be easier. 

For 1 crust:

1 1/4 cups unbleached white flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup chilled butter cubed
1/4 cup ice water

Add flour and salt into the food processor.  Pulse once or twice.  Add cubed and chilled butter.  Pulse until the mixture looks like wet sand or cornmeal.  Take the ice out of the water and pour water slowly into the processor as it turns.  When the dough begins to ball together on one side of the processor, it's done!  I dump the dough onto plastic wrap or foil.  I press any loose flour into the ball as you wrap it up.  Put it in the fridge for several hours so it will bind together and be easier to roll out.  You will need to flour your board before you roll it.  And remember that the more you handle the dough, the tougher it will be.  Try to be easy with your dough!  You can bake it to make a pie shell for 30 min on 350. (just make sure you poke holes with a fork or it will bubble up and be hard to fill.)  Or you can pre-fill it and bake it like I did with my apple pies.  35-40 min at 400  (I cover the pies with foil for the last few minutes if they are getting too brown.)  

This is the finished dough cut into eighths.

I got there great Fire King cups from a friend.  They are perfect for the cutie-pies!

Press the rolled dough around the edges of the cup.  Leave the overlap!

Fill with whatever goodies you would like.  I chose apples!

Put on the top and crimp the egdes!

I always mark our pies with a "V" for Vernon, Matt's middle name.  I learned that from his Grandmother who did the same for her Vernon, Matt's grandad. 
Here is the finished cutie-pie!  Top it with some ice cream and your fans will adore you!


Emily Suzanne said...

I love how you marked those pies with the letters!!! I'm going to try your pie recipe! Thanks!!!
do you ever read Mary Jane's Farm magazine... i love it because it's organic and so great. Reminds me of you as I visit your site :)

littlewifeontheprairie said...

Awww, thanks! I do LOVE Mary Jane's Farm. If I had a wish to be anything, that would be it! I'm a wanna-be farm girl. I hope you do try the pies. Anything that you can make tiny seems to taste better that way! Don't know why. :) Been praying for your baby girl and her home country.

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

What a fun twist on apple pie! Thanks for the crust recipe, too. My recipe uses shortening, and I would rather cut that out of our pantry completely.

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

I looked at these the other day and here I am again drooling over these pies. I just might have to make some this week!