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Monday, May 16, 2011

My three sons, a Papa Joe, and some baseball.

Baseball is our life in April and May.  Both of our older boys play.  It's a bunch of baseball.  Levi has taken it all in stride.  He just made friends with all of the team families, shown here.

They have better snacks and let him get away with pretty much anything.

Finally, Zaddok's turn!  This is his sweet PeeWee team.  I can't wait until they are teenagers.  I'm pulling this one out.

Why the fright son?

We had a very special guest at the last games.  This is Papa Joe.  He rode in on his motorcycle to watch the boys play.  The boys were so excited!

Asher and Papa Joe doing the post-game briefing.
Had to get a "dude" pic in front of the sweet ride.
See ya Papa Joe!

My weirdest child.

See.  If that's not comical, I don't know what is. 

This is my little sister Brittney.  She also made a special trip to come watch the boys play.  It's so nice to have family who love my kiddos!  It makes it fun for them to show off for someone new. 


Carrie said...

Levi on the motocycle totally cracked me up! :-)

Prairie Rose said...

What a fun time had by all!
So nice to have your family all come to support the boys.
Both Hubby and I played baseball when we were kids and love the game.
I love going to baseball games,even if I dont know the team.
Its just so american!