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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Update pics...

What's the dill man?  Hee hee.  My baby dill that is.

These are a purple-pod green bean.  I was happy to find these.  They grow purple and are easy to spot when it's time to pick them.  The cool thing is that they turn green when you cook them!  They are standing like little soldiers against the garden fence.  They will trellis and hopefully produce a ton! 

Banana peppers are so faithful.  This little guy is already producing.

Two kinds of cukes this year.  We planted a slicing one and a mini pickling one.  I will be a happy girl if they produce!

I love these.  Can't remember what they are called but I love 'em.

A potato flower!  I am hoping our straw system will allow for mucho potatoes this season.

These seem to be the only flower I can grow from seed.  It's a good thing that they are so pretty and helpful in the garden.

The corn is growing like crazy!  So are weeds around it.  I guess I'd better get on that.
A few weeks ago I teased you with this picture and promised to show you the plant again.

 This is the plant today.
The plant is our Smoke Tree.  Doesn't it look like it is in a cloud of pink smoke?  It is one of my favorites out of the trees that we planted last year.  God is amazing.  The things He has created and allowed to grow!  There is no purpose for us in this tree.  It's just beautiful.  That's purpose enough for a creative Creator.

And of course, squash.  Lots of squash.

We are watering these just to see what happens.  I'm afraid they will just grow more trouble!  But definately more fun too.


Prairie Rose said...

Your garden looks great!
That Smoke Tree is so interesting!

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Your garden looks wonderful! And I love the last pic of those special 'plants' you're watering :) Cute!