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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zaddy the Grad-y!!!!!

This folks, is the Bible rap.

Do the robot.  Awwww yeah!

R-E-A-D the B-I-B-L-E

This night was also Zaddok's Pre-K graduation.

He getting hugged on by his precious teacher Ms. Monique.  Oh how much I love her!

I've already done this twice but it's never easy.  Seeing babies grow from little kids into elementary kids is just hard.  But knowing how much fun it is to see them grow, I am more joyful than sad.  His adventure is just beginning.

He was so proud.

"The FACE" strikes again!

His best bud Judah was there to cheer him on.
(His little brother Jacob was preforming with the 3-year-olds.)

I have to end with this.  My little weirdy is into helmets.  Can't play in the water without a helmet.  Safety first.

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Prairie Rose said...

So sweet!
Your boys are just darling!
Have a great weekend:)