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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sad, sad day.

I was gone for about an hour this weekend and came home to find my husband sitting in our shower with my baby boy wrapped papoose-style.  There was crying.  I was confused.  Then I saw the clippers.  Yes, Matt was trying to give Levi his first little hair cut.  We had talked about it but I was just not prepared to see that baby-fine hair cut off.  I think Matt wished that he had not started it.  It was a wrestling match.  But the end result was just precious. 

Whatcha gonna do Dad?


This is too much!

Someone help me.

I will not smile or be happy.

*Pictures were taken by Jolie!  Didn't she do great?*


Kristin said...

Oh noooooooo.
The first haircut always turns the baby into a boy!
He is precious!

Rachel said...

Aw too precious! Not looking forward to this day myself.

Prairie Rose said...

Awww,what a handsome little man he is!