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Monday, May 9, 2011


Recital week is always a mixed-feelings week.  We are excited but a bit stressed.  Ready for it to be over but then sad when it is.  The girls did so good.  They worked hard and pulled it off.  The instructors, who are college students, put so much work into it.  They made it special for the girls.  They even gave out gift bags at the end and had handwritten notes for each girl and each mom.  I couldn't believe how thoughtful they were.  They really cared for our girls.  Thanks Ms. Chelsea and Ms. Nikki!  Here are a few pics.  I am going to take Jolie out this next week and take some pictures of her in her costumes.  I will post some of those at a later date. 
My little dancer in the dressing room.

Jolie, Merik and McKenzie

These girls are sweet friends and beautiful dancers.

Jolie's modern dance was called, Sahara Snakes.  Thus the snake move. (She was a bit nervous so she wouldn't smile.)

Jolie and Merik.  I can't stand how grown up they are.


The story ballet cast.  They did An American Girl.  It was so fun!

She was Kit Kitridge.


jeana said...

How sweet is that?! Love that you get some girliness in that house of yours ;)

molly said...

seriously, lock her up NOW!!!! too beautiful!