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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Asher's big performance!

I need a telephoto lens.  I miss so many moments by being too far away.  Regardless, I had to take a few pictures of my son playing the hand bells at his school play.  It was great!

I had only one problem.  It is something that normally doesn't bother me.  But on this day, it did.  The kids were asked to wear dress clothes or red and green for the performance.  My son decided that he would have nothing to do with nice clothes.  He just wouldn't do it.  I even tried to make a deal with him and have him take a nice shirt to put on before the play and then he could take it off right after.  He refused. 

 He had chosen an old red t-shirt and a red fleece hoodie.  He looked like he would on any normal school day.  But this mama wanted him to look handsome in his dress shirt.  I got very frustrated with him. 

I had to walk away and take a minute to decide if I wanted to make this a fight or if I wanted to let Asher be Asher.  I decided that my need for him to "look like the other kids" was not as important as his need to be independent and decide how he was comfortable.  In the big picture, it really didn't matter. 

It turns out that he was pretty much the only one who was not dressed up.  I kept wishing he had worn the shirt that I wanted him to wear.  My motivation?  I wanted him to look like the other boys in his group.  Shame on me. 

But you know what, it did not phase Asher in the least.  He was quite happy to be just who he was.  He didn't care that he looked different.  So instead of seeing it as an annoyance, I decided to see it as a blessing.  I pray that he always feels that way.  That he is okay being different.

 Forgive the photo quality. 

Here is the group.  Aren't they cute?  Asher is holding a blue bell and he is almost in the center.

See how handsome he is!  Even if he is wearing regular old clothes.

I love you son.  You are the best darn hand-beller ever!

The crew.  A bunch of crazies!

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jeana said...

LOVE that you let him be him. We've been there!