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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving=tons of pictures

I realize that this blog has way more pictures than anyone really wants to scroll through.  But in the interest of fairness, even if I only showed one picture of each family member, there would still be 18 pictures.  We like to roll big.  So, if you can hang, here they are.

I guess we have more than one "Face" in the family.

Levi fancied this helmet all weekend.

Aunt Sara and Miss Emma

Uncle Galen blessed our meal.

The babies. (Who are actually 3 and 2 but may always be called "The babies.")

Nap time.  This may or may not have been faked.

Kyle entertained us all with his mouse maze.  It is a darn impressive science experiment.

Uncle Brad looks a bit scary in this picture but the children were full of joy as he threw them around the living room.

Pile O' boys.

Stack O' girls.

Cousin love.

Grandmolly brought the supplies to make ornaments with the kids.  Here she is giving Cody expert advice.
This is one of her favorite things.  ART!

Asher and Addison look impressed with Emma's creation.

I love this.  Loud, crazy and full of love.  (And strange smells.  Lots of them.  I do not love that.)

Addison's ornament.

Uncle Brad and Kyle had a jam session.  Of course Sara, Amanda and I had to kill it with some sweet harmonies.  You've never heard Jingle Bells until you have heard our version.

Can you see the smoke coming out of Matt's ears?  It turns out that kids don't give the best hints in a game of 20 questions.  This is a version of that game called Headbands.  It's a family favorite.

All around it was a wonderful weekend.  We have a great family full of cousins who love to spend time together.  Lots to be thankful for.  Praying your Thanksgiving was blessed!

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