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Monday, December 19, 2011

The beauty of produce

My boys decided to help me out and harvest my root veggies.  I had been ignoring them and we had had several freezes.  We thought they were probably perfect to dig!  Plus, we have a big storm system headed our way and wanted to get them out before it hit.

Our carrots did really good this year.  Carrots are one of those forgiving veggies.  You put down seed and up they come.  Well, it does take awhile but they are worth the wait!

YUMMM!  Look at the fat ones!

Zaddy got a big one.  These are perfect for roasting.

Asher took on the manly job of digging them out. 

Every season I like to try a new veggie.  When it got too hot for my lettuce, I collected the seed and then pulled it up.  In it's place I threw down some turnip seeds.  They came up like crazy and I underestimated how much space each plant would need.  So we ended up with a big lump of greens.  Today we were able to see what was growing under the greens.  I can't wait to roast these! 

What a mess!

But they sure clean up nice.

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A Nest in the Rocks said...


Vickie said...

When did you set your carrot seeds out? Were they fall or spring carrots? Just curious, mine were in the spring and it got hot so quickly, they croaked...

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Vickie, I did put seed out in early spring. We had a hot dry summer but my bed was in a "micro-climate". It was in the shade a remained much cooler and much more moist that the rest of the garden. Maybe that is why. I did have several go to seed so i just took advantage and saved them! Nice to "meet" you!