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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kids and their performances

Jolie is in a group called Broadway Kids.  They learn music and perform in different locations around town.  The costumes are for a song called Chritmas in Any Language.  She is a little Danish girl!

Jolie and Merik

This is the famous Kindergarten Pow-Wow.  The classes all study about different Native American tribes to learn about their dress, food and language.  Then we get to come and watch them do some very non-traditional songs with motions.  It is very cute .

This is my very own Soaring Eagle from the Navajo Tribe. 

Here is Zaddok with one of his best friends, Scout.  Please save your "they look kinda cozy" comments.  According to his teacher, Zaddok and Scout are never far away from each other.  It's Kindergarten people!  They are just friends!

The boys showing off some moves.

This is Zaddok's class.


I find this photo hilarious.  Kids are weird.  This is at another Broadway Kids performance.

Hi sweet girl!  You have crazy friends.

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