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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blog booking it with year #2 under my belt!

I am halfway through putting together my 2nd blog book .  It's not easy and takes some time so I will be doing that instead of blogging for a few weeks.  See you in the new year!


Morgan said...

I have always meant to do a blog book so we have a family record of all of the places we've gone and things we've done, but I've never actually done it. (5 years and counting now...) What service do you use for your blog books?

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Morgan, I have LOVED my blog book and my kids have too. It is a precious journal of our year with pics included. I would highly recommend it with your wonderful blog! I use Blurb but I know others who use blog2print. On Blurb you dowload the free software called Booksmart. It's an editing program. It lets you autofill your book with your blog and then you go back in and edit everything into format. There may be an easier way to do it but I have just learned to use the program and customize mine. It's not too hard but takes time to get it right. Hope you can get it started. It is a treasure to have the hard-copy blog! (warning-when you first autofill your blog, the program has a major drag time when moving things around. But the next time I opened it up, it was just fine!)